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Uncompromising Safety

Our 0.76 E-Mod (Experience Modification) rating reflects our uncompromising commitment to safety.  Nexus Steel always provides every resource necessary, whether equipment or training, to ensure the safety of our employees and all personnel on a jobsite.

We go beyond the norm by retaining our own full-time, highly trained safety manager.

The Nexus Steel “safety always” philosophy can be found in every aspect of our comprehensive safety manual, and our policies include:

  • complete job hazard analysis before mobilization with ongoing hazard control
  • 100% tie-off and a zero tolerance policy on failure to comply
  • continuous hazard training for employees
  • owner involvement in safety and open door policy that encourages all employees to contribute to site safety.

For us, the excellent E-mod rating and loss ratio numbers translate into human results. We maintain a firm resolve that our employees go home safe and healthy at the end of the day. Every day.

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